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Now that the summer holidays are over and evenings are starting to get darker and colder, you might be looking for more activities to do indoors with your little one. There is one activity that you can do time and time again in slightly different ways that never gets boring, helps your child learn lots of different things and is fun for everyone – baking! 
As we are once again enduring a national lockdown, its time to ‘face the music and dance’ – with the little ones in the living room, kitchen or indeed in the garden! We are certainly not going anywhere anytime soon, so let’s get creative, imaginative, and let’s battle through lockdown with a smile from our fabulous cushion forts in the comfort of our living rooms! 
Learning through food. Baking and cooking can be so much fun. Exploring colours, shapes, tastes, smells and textures. It's a topic we all love to talk about...Food! 
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