The dark nights are coming and it can make it more difficult to get out and about with your little one. we've created our Top10 un activities to do with your children on dark nights. 
1. Stargazing 
Wrap up and head outside to observe the stars, planets, and constellations. You can even use a stargazing app to identify celestial objects. This is a super fun, interesting and educational activity to involve your children in, they will sure love this one. 
2. Campfire Stories 
Set up a safe campfire or fire pit and share a book or two with marshmallow roasting or smores and a warm hot chocolate. 
3. Movie Night 
Create a cozy movie night at home with snacks, blankets, and family-friendly films or even a few episodes of your children's favourite program. 
4. Indoor Fort Building 
Use blankets and pillows to construct indoor forts for imaginative play or if you are feeling brave enough get your children to help put up your family tent in the garden. 
5. Board Games 
Enjoy board games or puzzles that encourage family bonding and friendly competition. This activity can help with your children's fine motor skills as well as concentration. 
6. Arts and Crafts 
Get creative with indoor arts and crafts projects, like painting, drawing, or making homemade decorations (just in time for christmas). 
7. Creative Experiments 
Create a safe science experiment to explore the wonders of the natural world. You could make a natural perfume with things found around your garden, or even decorate a plastic bottle and pop a light inside to light up your child's design. 
8. Baking 
Bake cookies, cupcakes, or other treats together in the kitchen and let the children decorate them. (let them lick the spoon of course!) 
9. Scavenger Hunt 
Organize an indoor or outdoor scavenger hunt with clues and hidden treasures. You could even encourage your child to create a treasure chest and treasure for this activity. 
10. Shadow Puppets 
Use a torch to create a fun and entertaining shadow puppet show on the walls. These activities can make dark nights memorable and enjoyable for children and the whole family. You could encourage your child to come up with a story themselves. 
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