Coronavirus Response  
Updated November 2020 
Wellies Day Nursery is now open for usual hours from 07:30 to 18:15 Monday to Friday. There are no limits on Nursery places across all age groups - within our usual numbers & ratios for each group. 
National Guidance for Early Years Settings from 5th November to 2nd December 2020 
The policies set at Wellies are showing effective control to date. 
Please continue with - 
Testing any household member if they show symptoms as defined by the Government 
Isolating the household, until results of the test are known 
Informing Nursery by email of the household result/ child result 
Keeping your child at home if they are at all unwell. 
Please do not give calpol/paracetamol/ibuprofen in the 24 hour period before attending Nursery - this is so we can be sure your child is well and continue to effectively monitor their health during the day. 
If your child requires oral medication the first 48 hours will need to be given at home 
If your child becomes unwell during the nursery day, you will be contacted for immediate collection and advised about booking a COVID test, or speaking to your GP. 
By working together we will be able to keep all groups at Nursery open. We continue to keep everyone in their separate rooms, garden spaces & staff areas to avoid close contact. 
Current Situation 
Wellies Day Nursery welcomed children back in June 2020, having set up new Policies, Procedures and Risk Assessments introduing rigourous infection control measures
Before returning to work the team completed a series of training programes on Infection Control, Hand Washing, Personal Hygiene, Food Hygiene - to name a few. 
Everyone is following the current Government Guidelines on Testing and Household Isolation. 
To date, all tests for children have been negative. There have been some households affected by Coronavirus, who have followed the Isolation rules effectively. 
Please continue to follow the self-isolation guidance should any member of the household show symptoms. Inform Nursery as soon as possible. Please let us know as soon as possible if any member of the household, including children, has a positive test. 
In the event of a positive test in Nursery, we are bound to following Government Guidance through the Test & Trace process, which may lead to children & staff needing to self-isolate at home. 
Wellies will need to be your only childcare provider during this time. We ask that children do not mix with others at another setting, or childminder - until we receive further guidance from the Government. If this has happened your child will need to have 14 days isolation BEFORE returning to Wellies 
You will need to use the Q-Bell app on drop off & pick up or ring the doorbell (1 parent to drop off & non-nursery children to remain in the car) Please use the daily diary on Eylog for all messages - we need the hand over to be as quick as possible. If your child can walk, then please hold their hand until you are ready to hand over - a team member will then offer a hand to bring them into Nursery. Your child will then wash their hands (we have a new sink installed) before being taken to their room. Please explain this to your child, if you feel they will understand. 
If your child is a baby - not yet walking, needs a cuddle - then please allow us to take them as swiftly as possible - limiting close contact for all of us! 
We understand your concern about your child being unsettled - however please be reassured that we will give them cuddles as needed through the day and settle to play. There is an intention to be outside every day for as long as possible and most children find the garden exciting, soothing and an adventure. 
We will update Eylog as soon as possible to give you reassurance - however do bear with us as we may be busy! 
Your children will be in groups for the day, according to their age. 
Baby Room - up to 9 per day with Michelle, Kelly & Beenish 
Pooh Bear - up to 9 per day with Zoe, Megan D & Sophie-Jo 
Threadbear Room up to 9 per day with Tyla, Frankie & Cyrah 
Pooh Bear & Threadbear will link during the day and outside - there will be no more than 18 on any day 
Polar Bear - up to 12 per day with Katie, Ellie-Mae, Bethany & Emily 
Rupert - up to 16 per day with Lorraine, Lisa, Paige, James & Courtney 
Polar Bear & Rupert will join to make the best use of the garden 
Paddington Room up to 16 with Amanda, Kayleigh, Zoey, Amelia & Megan P 
Superteds Preschool up to 32 with Sarah M, Gemma, Danielle, Megan B, Daniella & Daisie - in the new barn! 
When collecting, use the Q-Bell app or ring the doorbell and we will collect your child, wash their hands before bringing them to you 
Please do not bring your child to Nursery if they are at all unwell - refer to the Illness Policy, which has been loaded onto files on Eylog and shared with you by email. Do call if in doubt! 
A nursery bag with at least 2 changes of clothes - we will send dirty items home & only send the bag home if changes have been used. 
If your child uses a dummy - then please provide one, which we will keep at Nursery and ensure it is sterilized etc. 
NAMED ITEMS - sunhat/ light coat, splash suit if you have one, raincoat and as the weather becomes cooler then appropriate outdoor clothing to include wellies. Please let the office know if you need a drawstring bag for wellies to be kept in. 
-disposable nappies. 
- suncream 
- all meals/snacks/drinks - with the exception of breakfast 
- fun & laughter 
- love & well being 
- caring & professional approach 
- updates on Eylog 
1 Brook End, North Crawley, Newport Pagnell, Bucks, MK16 9HH, United Kingdom Tel: 01234 391600 
Easily accessible from Milton Keynes, Newport Pagnell, Cranfield village and university and Olney 
We are registered with OfSTED under Registration Number EY437357. PRIVACY POLICY. 
1 Brook End, North Crawley, Newport Pagnell, Bucks, MK16 9HH, United Kingdom Tel: 01234 391600 
Easily accessible from Milton Keynes, Newport Pagnell, Cranfield village and university and Olney 
We are registered with OfSTED under Registration Number EY437357.  
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