“Autumn mornings: sunshine and crisp air, birds and calmness, year’s end and day’s beginnings.” - Terri Guillemets 
When you think of the season Autumn, what beautiful, colourful images ‘fall’ to mind? 
As some of nature’s furry friends are settling down for hibernation, why not do the opposite by wrapping up warm, stepping outside, and wading through the piles of fallen leaves. Soak up the abundance of colour that the season paints and enjoy the still and peaceful ambience. 
Don’t forget to carry a bag with you, so whilst you are enjoying those leaf fights you can also use it as a ‘golden’ opportunity to collect varieties of shapes and colours of warm reds and browns that would make a picturesque Autumn mood board – bring the outdoors indoors! 
Acorns and conkers are also a visual delight of the season, so why not set your little explorers the task of seeking out the largest, before those foraging squirrels discover them first! 
Exploring the great outdoors during such an enchanting time has found to be one of the most reliable boosts to one’s mental and physical wellbeing. From the uncertainty of lockdown to adapting to the new routines of school life, a family day out to the local park or woods is the perfect remedy to re-boot, refresh and recalibrate – disconnect from the news and media to reconnect with family and the simpler things that nature has to offer. Let us also not forget those pumpkins – are your little carvers ready with their ‘spooktacular’ designs? 
Research has also found that one’s immune system can be strengthened from taking in the cool, crisp air of the autumnal season. The bonus of admiring the colourful horizon of golds and browns is a beneficial feast on one’s eyes that have previously been focussed on either a television, tablet, or computer screen. 
So, the moral to this story is to drag out those wellies from the cupboard underneath the stairs, seek out those hats and scarves, and venture out on a brisk adventure and enjoy the sights and sounds of crisp leaves crunching under your feet.  
Then snuggle down back at home with a hot chocolate, and feast over your colourful treasures you have collected along the way – enjoy! 
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