Any parent with children over the age of 4 years old will remember that time that comes far too quickly when maternity leave is over and it's time for your little one to start nursery. 
Managing these transition periods can be challenging and overwhelming at times. Starting nursery is a big change for both parents and child, it’s a change in routine with new things to learn. 
We have put together this handy blog to help you and your child prepare. 
Here are some things you should be thinking about that will really help the nursery staff understand the needs of your child. 
• If your child is under 12 months, are you weaning yet? 
• Have you introduced lumpier food? 
• Is your child taking finger food? 
• Is your child used to a spoon? 
• Are they having cows milk - from 12 months? 
• Have they experienced taking a bottle from someone else? 
• Are they having home cooked meals? 
• Are they going to sleep/ sleeping independently? 
• What books, songs and games do they like to play? 
• Does your child have any additional needs or food allergies? 
How can you help prepare your child? 
• You can talk about nursery in advance, and play act the different things involved with going to nursery. You can act out saying goodbye, followed by a big hello and cuddles again. Getting your child used to the goodbye routine can really help that separation go smoothly. Practice things like taking off their coat and hanging it on a peg. 
• Try introducing playdates with other children that go to the same nursery, that way they will have a familiar face or two. 
• Play games that involve taking turns and sharing. 
• Look out for non verbal messages. Your child may not be at an age where they can communicate their concerns, so look out for them acting out their worries. They may become more clingy or withdrawn for example. 
• A week or more before your child is due to start, practice the new bedtime and morning routines. This way nothing will be a surprise or new on the day, they will know what to expect. 
Remember there is no right or wrong way and each child is different, just know that all the staff here at Wellies are here to make the transition as smooth as possible and ensure your child adapts well to the new routine. 
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