Christmas is a time for lots of things – seeing loved ones, exchanging gifts and being merry. However, and we think we’re all in agreement here, there is one thing that stands above the rest and that is delicious food! Many of us love tucking into crispy pigs in blankets, succulent turkey and even the obligatory brussels sprout! So here are three food-based activities you can enjoy with your little one over the festive period. 
1. Baking and Decorating Gingerbread 
Gingerbread and Christmas go hand-in-hand. There are hundreds of easy recipes online for delicious gingerbread. Let your child discover all the textures from mixing the dry ingredients to squishing the dough. Ask them what kind of shapes they’d like to make too. We recommend getting a selection of cookie cutters that they can choose from. If baking isn’t your thing, you can always buy gingerbread people or houses from a supermarket, along with some tubes of icing, and go to town making them look all festive. You might be able to convince them to leave some out for Santa too! 
2. Marzipan or Play Doh? 
Marzipan is a fantastic Christmassy alternative to Play Doh. It feels and acts a lot like Play Doh but tastes great too (although that doesn’t stop some kids trying to eat Play Doh!). You can create all sorts of festive characters and scenes before eating your yummy Christmas cake topper. This helps develop your child’s fine motor skills in a fun (and tasty!) way. Why not try and add a bit of food colouring too? That’ll be sure to brighten up your kitchen. 
3. Icing Sugar Snow Scenes 
Simply sprinkle some icing sugar onto a table and create some lovely snow scenes with your little one. This allows their imagination to run wild as they take animals, cars or people out into the “snow”. Ask them if they think the toys will be hot or cold and ask what they should do to warm up. Make tracks with the cars as they drive across the snow or leave footprints from the animals and people. This shows them how actions can have an effect on the world around them. 
As we can’t be with all of you to see all the fun you’re having over Christmas, we’d absolutely love to see some photos and videos of what you and your little one have been up to! 
Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 
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