Wellies is certainly ‘top of the class’ when it comes to providing safe and nurturing childcare. You can be secure in the knowledge that your little adventurers will create and cement happy memories whilst in a safe and clean environment, especially during these uncertain times. 
We have published an updated set of strict guidelines in relation to the current pandemic, to ensure that the children who attend Wellies are safely taken care of from the minute we receive them at the door, to the time you collect them at the end of the day. A brief outline is as follows, and the full policy can be read HERE
• A smiley member of the Wellies team will now collect your child/children from either the Reception entrance or Superted’s Barn ready to begin a fun-filled day 
• Upon arrival children will thoroughly wash their hands before going into their base room to begin their adventures 
• Members of the Wellies team are now equipped with access cards to avoid touch entry, and the doorbell is sanitised after each parent/caregiver has used it to collect their child/children, adhering to optimal hygiene practices 
• At Wellies, we are blessed with having an extensive outdoor play area, which we will utilise to ensure your child/children remain safe and healthy. Each age group will have their own designated outdoor spot so no clustering of different age groups will occur 
• We will also guarantee that windows will be kept open to encourage the flow of fresh air to circulate our nursery rooms. 
• To ensure equipment is the cleanest possible, each item will be colour-coded (either red, blue, yellow, or green), and rotated every 72 hours (the longest timeframe for the virus to remain viable). Books are still being used and rotated also 
• There will be limited use of malleable play including Play-Doh, and a safer alternative of pasta, rice and other pulses will be introduced which can be placed in a microwave to destroy the virus. 
Wellies takes the welfare of your child/children extremely serious, so you can have peace of mind knowing they are in a place of safety and are certainly in safe hands! 
As the name suggests Wellies is: ‘Where Everyone Loves Learning in Exciting Surroundings!’ 
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