And this is what it must be for the young ones – play! Whether the sun is shining or its raining cats and dogs, keeping children entertained either indoors or outdoors is what it is all about! However, it is also important to allow structured online time and to encourage children to play by themselves to prevent them from feeling overstimulated or overwhelmed. 
As a parent or guardian at the minute you may feel, well, like an octopus, juggling countless tasks from home-schooling and remote working, to maintaining a balanced and happy homelife. 
However, as daunting, and confusing as the current situation is to an adult, as a child the outside world of staying apart from people must appear like one of their story books – unreal! 
Maintaining consistency and structure in the home is an especially important step in helping children to stay calm and relaxed during a time when their normal routine of going to school is not currently available. 
So, what else can we do?! We play, we entertain, and we love. 
I know as a parent as soon as lockdown was announced I went to the supermarket and purchased way too many potatoes! So, voila, our home became a beautiful, but rather crowed, art gallery of potato prints! Why not give it a go, re-live happy childhood memories, and put those hundreds of potatoes to good use! 
Whilst the sun shines, why not get the young ones outdoors in the garden or set out on a social distancing adventure if you do not have a garden. Listen for the different bird calls, smell the freshly cut grass, look at the beautiful flowers in bloom, plan future fun activities, and just enjoy being together as a family. Remind the children that life is still indeed carrying on even though it appears rather different at the minute. 
If the heavens do indeed open and you find yourselves struggling to find an activity to do at home, why not get the children involved in preparing lunch, bake some buns to enjoy after lunch, or set out on that mammoth task of tackling those home improvements you have no excuse to avoid now you are at home. 
Get the children involved in stripping wallpaper or indeed painting the walls. Children who can see how productive and helpful they are being will feel immensely proud! 
Board games, performing plays, dressing up, watching television, reading a book, are all activities that can be enjoyed as a family whilst winding down for the evening. 
If one positive thing can be taken from the current situation, is that we have all had to slow down, take stock, and appreciate what is important – family! We are not rushing about, trying to meet deadlines, feeling infuriated in traffic jams, or working to tight schedules. We can sit back, watch our children grow, and enjoy being a parent or guardian! 
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