We think you would agree when we say that the internet has brought us parents amazing interactive games, films and video to give to our children that we never had access to or could benefit from, however what it doesn’t do is teach our children how to read. 
With the constant movement, noises, distractions and engagement of the senses, it is not surprising that it can be quite stressful for a child brains over time to know how to ‘shut off’ and relax in their busy lives. With this in mind, the importance of children actually reading and developing this skill is even more important than what it was before for their development. 
We all know exposing your child to reading, especially between the ages of 2 and 5 years old is a good thing. But are you aware HOW good it can be for them? Read on below and find out some of the benefits that you might have previously overlooked or not been aware of until now: 
1) Reading can help with character building. 
Being exposed to reading means that your child will be more likely to be able to express themselves in a healthy way as they grow older. Not only that, they will gain valuable communication skills, making them a more confident and self-assured individual for years to come. 
2) Reading can help your child build a stronger relationship with you. 
There is nothing better than being snuggled up in bed, spending quality time with your child while reading a story with them. Reading shouldn’t be seen as a chore, it should be seen as a nurturing activity, and the perfect time to bond with your child and talk about openly about the book you are reading and anything else that is on their mind, creating warm and happy memories that you will cherish forever 
3) Help your child progress further after their time at Nursery. 
The earlier you can expose your child to books and get into the routine of bedtime reading, the more it will benefit them once they leave nursery. Developing skills such as being able to concentrate for longer periods of time, memory retention, logical thinking and creative thinking is what reading can help with. 
4) Reading can teach them around the world they live in. 
Picking stories and books that are based in different countries and scenarios to what your child is used to will help make sense of the world around them. Exposing them to different people, animals, ideas, beliefs and ways of life through the power of reading can build a great bank of knowledge, understanding and appreciation of others. 
Reading books has the power to truly help support and progress your child’s development at an early age, while most significantly provide another opportunity to bond with your child. 
If you are concerned that your child is experiencing any sort of difficulty with reading while at home or during their time at nursery with us, then please do not hesitate to come and speak to any member of the team to discuss and explore how we can help you and your children get the most out of their reading time. 
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