Why preparing your little one for nursery is so important. 
I bet you thought this time would never come! After some sleepless nights, love, laughter, tantrums and hard work, your little one is just round the corner from the next stage of their lives: nursery! 
While the gorgeous summer sunshine provides our children with the vitamin D they need for strong bones, teeth and muscles which long term is essential for good health, it is also important that they are protected from a young age from the potential risks that the sun can also cause such as skin cancer in later years, sun stroke, skin damage and much more. 
Although it’s great to spend more time outdoors with your family and children, especially with summer being nearly in full swing, whether its rain, sleet, snow or shine, we believe that you should spend as much time outdoors purely for the benefit of your children. 
Read on to discover some of the reasons why we prioritise being outdoors so much and why you should too!  
Hopefully these benefits will give you an insight into why we like to often prioritise your child’s learning to include the outdoors, why the location of our nursery is where it is and why we encourage the children to explore, play and immerse themselves in nature and its surroundings as much as possible! 
Benefits Of Outdoor Play: 
Being out in the fresh air with all the insects, birds, plants and trees helps children learn from an early age to understand, explore and respect the environment around them. 
With more and more children spending the majority of their time indoors, they are surrounded by a range of technological devices that constantly bombard them, which can lead to increased stress and irritability in young children. Encouraging them to play outdoor can dramatically reduce this stress resulting in healthier and happier children! 
We think you would agree when we say that the internet has brought us parents amazing interactive games, films and video to give to our children that we never had access to or could benefit from, however what it doesn’t do is teach our children how to read. 
We have celebrated Mothering Sunday from as far back as the greek times. The ancient Greeks dedicated an annual spring festival to maternal goddesses and ancient Romans also celebrated a spring festival called Hilaria which was for a mother goddess called Cybele. 
Did you know that sultana’s can be damaging for your child’s teeth? 
Many dentists are now warning parents of the danger raisins pose to children’s teeth and suggests our little ones are given cheese or bread sticks as an alternative. 
Here at Wellies Day Nursery we understand and appreciate how important it is to choose the right childcare for your little ones. 
We are passionate about working in partnership with you, creating a community that gives support to growing families. We have a dedicated childcare team who are highly qualified, friendly and enthusiastic. We ensure our facilities are well maintained and clean. 
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