We are quickly heading towards spring, wand e’re going to start seeing animals of all shapes and sizes more often. We’re going to see more hedgehogs, squirrels and even bats so it is the perfect opportunity to encourage your little one to be on the lookout for creepy crawlies and awakened animals. Here are three great activities you can do with your child that will help them with their understanding of the world. 
Amazing Animal Artwork 
When you go out for a walk, get your little one to remember all the different animals they see along the way. Your little one might want to collect some sticks and leaves to add to the page as well which will really bring their creation to life! As it warms up, you can expect more rabbits and squirrels which will challenge them more than worms will! This can also be done by looking out of the window. When you get home, ask them to draw or paint (depends how much mess you’re willing to clean up!) all of the animals they saw outside. 
Delightful DIY Daffodils 
If you haven’t already, you’ll be seeing some daffodils springing up pretty soon. Get your little one to draw or paint a green stem of a daffodil on a piece of paper. Then, paint their hand with yellow paint so they can use it as a stamp to form the petals of the flower. Lastly, and this may be a grown up job depending on the child, cut out a 3cm strip of yellow paper and cut 1cm slits every 1cm. Form a circle and stick the tabs to the paper so this becomes the centre of your flower. Ask your little one how and where flowers grow. Ask them what they need to grow. Ask them what they think flowers are for. 
4-Way Habitats 
Grab yourself a decent sized tray and split it into four sections. Put grass, mud, sand and flour in the separate sections to represent four types of habitat – grassland, forest, desert and snow. Ask your little one to place animal toys in the section that they think they live in. Ask them what they think it’s like in each of the sections – is it hot? Is it wet? Does it rain? You may want to add a water section if they have any sea animals! 
There's is lots to explore so, have fun enjoying this wonderful time of year with your little ones. 
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