The next few months are the most exciting of the year in terms of cultural festivals, events and celebrations. We truly live in an amazing and diverse world, so it’s only fair we celebrate it the best we can, right? 
Here at Wellies Day Nursery in Newport Pagnell, we are very passionate about cultural diversity. Celebrating diversity in the most creative, playful and relatable way possible so that your little ones can learn and experience different cultures, traditions and events. Becoming a well-rounded and well cultured little human! 
What is coming up for the rest of this year? 
There is plenty to keep you and your little one busy! Halloween, Diwali, Thanksgiving, Charity Week, Bonfire Night, Remembrance Day, Hanukkah, Christmas and many more. They are all perfect opportunities to create new memories and experiences for your little one, enriching their overall learning experience and knowledge about the world around them. 
Many parents are intrigued to know how we go about integrating these different cultural events into our day here at Wellies Day Nursery - which we believe is a great question to ask! 
We plan ahead for the activities and days that your little ones spend with us. At least a couple of months beforehand, our team sit down and start brainstorming what events and holidays are coming up and what the best ways could be to incorporate it into the curriculum to make it fun and memorable for them. 
We refer back to EYFS when creating lesson plans and when we are looking to introduce something new into the nursery room. These are provided to us by Ofsted to ensure that all child get the best possible start in life, but they also provide us with a solid framework and baseline to work from. 
Celebrating festivals from different cultures helps children to Understand the World, which is a specific area of the EYFS. Please share with us any experiences you and your child has enjoyed celebrating throughout the year. 
Often our activities and lesson plans naturally cover more than one of these areas above. 
When celebrating cultural diversity, holidays and activities; often we find that we can easily incorporate these exciting and rare times of the year into ‘Understanding the World’ and ‘Expressive Arts and Design’. 
We believe that the children take in more information this way and also have the most enjoyment when they are doing something creative. What’s more, when they take home their artwork or cultural creation, it gives them the chance to repeat what they have learnt to you, which further enhances their ability to remember and re-call information, which is a super important skill to have for many years to come. 
Other ways we like to incorporate cultural activities into the day is via reading time, informative and fun videos, and decorating the room if time allows. 
We are always welcome to new thoughts, ideas and suggestions from parents or guardians as to how we can do more to celebrate different cultural events throughout the year. So if anything springs to mind be sure to share your ideas with a member of our team we would love to hear from you. 
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