Well, the Coronavirus is certainly in a ‘class of its own’, with the whole world experiencing a vastly different ‘normal’ with life before lockdown feeling like a distant memory. 
Now, as our country is beginning to open back up and the cogs of our economy are slowly beginning to rotate, are our young ones indeed ready for the wider opening of Nursery in September? 
Well, one thing is apparent – in our post-lockdown, social-distanced world, it’s going to be a strong learning curve for both children and the Nursery team alike. 
Children will be taught & cared for by a consistent team, not mixing with other groups. They will experience new rules and have their own group outdoor space to play within daily. 
However, there are things we can do for ourselves and children to ease the anxiety and apprehension that will come naturally as we move closer to the start of September. 
Reinforcing the fact that even though social distancing will be enforced at drop off & collection, the friends that your child/children haven’t seen in a while will bring immense comfort as they can once again converse and play as before. Also, the same adult faces will be seen around Nursery that will bring a sense of normality and reassurance. 
It is also imperative to encourage your child/children to open up and talk about their fears and apprehensions, as a line of constant communication and reassurance will ease the build-up of tension nearer the time. 
As the Nursery doors were closed between the end of March and beginning of June, sleeping habits may have somewhat slipped into a more flexible routine. Starting early to introduce your child/children into a regular bedtime regime will reduce the shock of early morning wake up times come September. 
Even laying out clothes and eating breakfast at the same time every morning, will reinforce the pattern of a normal Nursery day. 
Above all – be kind to yourself! 
You have certainly not escaped this pandemic unaffected, so cutting yourself some slack when you are feeling tired and overwhelmed is extremely important to remaining healthy inside and out. Take some time out, enjoy the pastimes you once did but had to put on the backburner to care for your young family whilst out of nursery, and undertake a form of exercise whether it be walking, swimming, visiting the gym etc. 
It’s important to remember that we are not alone and that we are all experiencing the same ‘new normal’ together. 
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